2021 Shortlisted

Shea Kirk – Vantages

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Over the last few years I have been inviting people into my home studio to sit for the ongoing series Vantages.

Using dual large format cameras, each portrait is exposed onto separate sheets of black-and-white film, simultaneously capturing two images of the sitter from different perspectives.

The process is slow and methodical, enabling an intimate exchange that highlights the agency between photographer and subject.

When viewed through a stereoscope, these dual-portraits can be seen three dimensionally, rendering the subject hauntingly statuesque.

Conscious of their own vulnerabilities, they’re aware of what it means to represent themselves, and through the very nature of this dual-imaging process, resist being reduced to a single vantage point.

Example images:

1. Machar (left and right view), 2021

2. Vi Massa (left and right view, 2020

3. Mimi Raj (left and right view), 2018

4. Eugene Fisher (left and right view), 2020

5. Johnny Johnny (left and right view), 2019

6. Kira Kosh (left and right view), 2020

7. Melody (left and right view), 2019

8. Shelley Horan (left and right view), 2020

9. Phillip (left and right view), 2019

10. Elyse Metaxas (left and right view), 2020

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