2021 Shortlisted

Nicholas Walton-Healey – Above The Water

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Above The Water is a composite, environmental* portrait of my fiancée, Harriet Rose McKnight (1989-2019). In addition to being my soul-mate and muse, Harriet was also herself an accomplished, feminist artist – a published author whose craft and passion for storytelling grew from an earlier-pursued singer-songwriter career. This photographic project, which we developed together, was conceived with the intention of celebrating the union of our creative passions – the relentless and shared endeavour to transcend ‘the everyday,’ as per the Surrealist notion l’amour fou. The title is intended to convey this sense of rising above (of being elevated or inspired), while establishing water as the unifying trope of a larger collection now serving to honour the life and love of the greater storyteller I’ve had the privilege of knowing.

* Harriet was born and raised along the South East Coast of New South Wales.

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