2021 Shortlisted

Katelyn Slyer – Childhood Nostalgia

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Since having my first child recently, I have been contemplating my own upbringing. Thinking about the strong memories that remain so vivid in my mind today, the kind of memories that shape you and create identity. That bind you to a place, a time, a moment or even a smell. How can I create positive moments and memories and pass them onto my own child? I look forward to continuing this body of work. Being open to experiencing a new kind of nostalgia. As he grows and finds his own autonomy, I hope to take more of a back seat approach and live vicariously through him. But until then, I will try to imprint on him the things I loved whilst growing up. Hell be climbing trees, exploring rock pools, chasing rainbows, hiding under bridges, connecting and nurturing the relationships with his family, animals and the land.

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