2021 Shortlisted

Amy Woodward – Lily, Mother

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Motherhood. It’s impossible to summarise the immense, searing love and beauty – and the unrelenting, often smothering intensity (yet somehow, the invisibility). The pressure. The hilarity. The tenderness. The constant push/pull, the elation and the guilt. The mental load. The touched-outness, the sensory overload. The seemingly endless battle to heal old wounds while having them continuously prodded and re-exposed, day in and day out. The surrender. The discovery and emergence of entire new cities within yourself. The demolishing of them. The overflowing joy, the heart-swelling pride, the-ever present contradictions and the bitter-sweetness of it all. The mess, the milk, the exhaustion.

It was a privilege to be welcomed into Lily’s home during the intimate and vulnerable newborn period, to document her journey in an authentic, honest way. My work largely orbits around the motherhood experience and the transitions that occur within this space, and being able to spend a longer amount of time with Lily meant that I could explore the nuances and details of motherhood in more detail.

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