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Gloria Salgado Gispert – Show me the way home

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“How could I be frightened? I was with my Mother. When I was thirsty, she gave me water; when I was hungry, she fed me; when I was cold, she warmed me. And when I was lost, she showed me the way home”
(From The Lost Girl by Ambelin Kwaymullina and Leanne Tobin)

When we first arrived in Western Australia, we thought the sky was bigger, never before did we feel so connected to the land, a deep connection that gives you a strong sense of belonging. From the air you breathe, the trees around you and the birds flying by, you are never lonely. Land, water, sky, you are alive in that space and you feel so good that you do care because it is a beautiful way of living that brings everyone in. And in between that huge space, your home looks very tiny, a feeling comparable to what would be the size of the clouds if they finally hit the ground.
I am very grateful that I have been able to pass this feeling on to my children, a feeling that we share with this set of diptychs, our experience in this wonderful country, our journey home while following a a crackle of cockatoos, a smack of jellyfish or a court of kangaroos.

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