Nick Moir – Unprecedented

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Coverage of the violent fires which raged through the NSW forests due to drought and cuts to firefighting services in the NPWS and RFS.
i studied the meteorology of the fire days to position myself at likely impact spots where the blazes would hit communities.

Nick’s submission is a testament to the incredible photographic coverage of the 2019-2020 Australian bushfire season. The Story features strong reportage which places the viewer on the frontline of one of Australia’s most devastating natural disasters while humanising the efforts of firefighters and the residents who look on in heartbreak. Nick’s work played an important role in bringing the bushfires to the public eye and world media. His ability to be on the frontline as the situation unfolds is aided by meticulous planning and a deepened understanding of meteorology. The APA committee would like to congratulate Nick on this incredible set of images.

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