Franck Gazzola – The Capsule

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Under The Pole is an innovative underwater exploration series of expeditions founded by Ghislain Bardout and Emmanuelle Périé-Bardout which started in 2010 with the first ever dives done under the geographical North Pole.

For this story, Under The Pole III is in French Polynesia on the island of Moorea for an innovative underwater mission: the Capsule. Todays challenge in ocean discovery is not depth, but time. Being able to spend time underwater remains the biggest challenge for humankind. The Capsule is a light observatory module engineered, designed and assembled by Ghislain Bardout and his team at Under The Pole. The idea: building a light and portable underwater habitat with a very small footprint, which once installed underwater has no physical link to the dry land, is silent, and leaving no trace once removed. This module can host 3 saturation divers for several days. It gives the divers a place to rest, eat, hydrate or sleep before going out and get on with the scientific observations and protocols in the water. Whilst inside, the large domes on either side of the Capsule allow for constant observation and monitoring of the environment. These observations made inside the Capsule can be recorded on paper, photo or video. The idea is to reproduce what is done on dry land: let the environment forget about the human presence to hopefully make some ground-breaking observations. Diving with no time limit: an explorers dream to enable new discoveries.

On land, a team can monitor in real-time the composition of the atmosphere inside the Capsule, as well as hear/see whats happening inside the Capsule thanks to an audio/video feed. This is made possible with via an antenna attached on a small buoy at the surface above the Capsule.

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