Dion Georgopoulos – Australian Black Summer

By February 10, 2021 No Comments

Australian Black Summer is a series documenting one of the worst bushfire seasons Australia has ever seen during the period of late 2019 and on going into 2020. With millions of hectares of land burnt, animals killed, thousands of homes destroyed and human lives lost, It was a story that consumed Australian media. And as a photographer for The Canberra Times I commenced coverage on the Black Summer bushfires back in November 2019. My focus throughout the Black Summer was to document the impact of these bushfires on communities, and find important human stories of those affected.

This series aims to acknowledge those who had experienced immense loss, or those heroic firefighters that risked their lives to protect many Australian communities. As an on going series I am continuing to document the future of those communities that continue to feel the pain even months later.

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