Alexandra Nielsen – The Backpacker

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An Intimate Look into the Life of a Backpacker in Far North Queensland, Australia.
Every summer during the wet season in a town called Bloomfield, a small number of backpackers from across the globe make their way to the remote coastal community just north of The Daintree Rainforest. They are drawn to this secluded place to participate in the annual harvest of the exotic Purple Mangosteen. Often referred to as the Queen of Fruits due to its intense sweet flavor and vibrant purple color. During these months, the living conditions are tough with relentless downpours, a heavy, suffocating heat and persistent mosquitos biting from dawn till dusk. As the mangosteens begin to ripen, the days become long for the backpackers as they pick and pack their way through an entire fruit orchard. Days off are all about exploring the land, finding secret swimming holes to stay cool and enjoying a well-earned rest as their muscles begin to ache. The backpackers all live together in one house on the farm, creating intense and dynamic relationships. Some fell in love, while others engaged in casual sex as they lived without the inhibitions we see in normal society. Their sense of adventure is palpable and is something to be admired. Life in this faraway community, although short and sweet, gives a unique window into rural Australia and is an experience these lucky few will remember forever.

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